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How to design the solar street light system?

Jul. 04, 2018

In recent years, with different countries support for the environmental protection industry, the development of solar street light industry is getting faster and faster. Along with the development, more and more solar street lights are on the market, here we recommend a course about how to choose the solar street light system.

Before we choose the system, what we should consider about?

1. The environment what the led light will be use?

2. Design the working time and working power by environment.

3. The effective sunshine duration in local

4. Design battery capacity design (The 2-3 rainy days consider in normal).

5. Solar panel power design by the Led light total working power per day and the average effective sunshine duration.

6. Choose the solar controller according all your request above. Consider the led power, battery voltage, solar panel power and the working function u request.

Remember the most important things is ensure the Installation angle. The wrong installation angle will cause the power waste. It can even cause the Led light not running.

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